Ecommerce Development Services

Our eCommerce versatile app arrangements are skilled to follow through on quick requirements of the new market scene and adjust each course of retail activity carefully to guarantee business progression. From taking physical retailers online to expanding the current lines of items/services for eCommerce, our e-commerce portable app development and e-commerce web application development arrangements assist you with further developing stock and constructing client devotion. Set up your tweaked commercial center quickly with our eCommerce app development services.

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Strike a chord with your target audience, inspire qualified traffic, and drive sales for your business with full-cycle custom eCommerce website development services from Aakriti Intelligence. Get professional eCommerce web design solutions, cost-effective services, and the guarantee of quality, all within a quick deadline and long-term support commitment  Aakriti Intelligence.

With over two decades of experience in implementing highly functional storefronts for clients worldwide, Aakriti Intelligence has acquired a specialization in creating the eCommerce website that is most likely to boost your sales and profits. Our comprehensive range of eCommerce web development services includes store management, content management, technical and creative support, payment gateway integration, marketing support, social media integration, etc. As a prominent multi-disciplinary strategic partner, we help you grow your brand across the globe.

eCommerce Sales With full-cycle eCommerce Development Service

UI/UX Design & Development

We don't just develop eCommerce websites; we create experiences that customers love. At  Aakriti Intelligence, eCommerce development professionals come together to develop advanced interfaces that augment your store's visual appeal. With stunning images, illustrations, content, design, and the latest UI/UX designs, we boost engagement and encourage conversions for your eStore.

Research & Consultation

Through rigorous research and business-specific investigations, we seek new directions of growth for your business. Every eCommerce web development project we undertake is commenced only after attaining an in-depth understanding of the clients' requirements and preferences. We strive to innovate business solutions and improve your revenue outlooks via strategic recommendations.

eCommerce Development

At Aakriti Intelligence India, you can hire dedicated, certified eCommerce developers for frontend or backend web and app development, customizations, extension and theme development, maintenance, and support. With a diverse team of software experts and the latest technology stack, we ensure that you get a responsive, feature-rich, and highly functional eCommerce store that converts.

eCommerce Store Migration

Drive sustained growth for your business with complete eCommerce website migration services from Aakriti Intelligence In addition, we also ensure enhanced site security, scalability, customer journeys, readability, site optimization, responsiveness, and reduced load time while making the migration as seamless as possible.

Website Search Engine Optimization

We help you attract potential customers, stay ahead of the market, and drive exponential growth via a wide range of website optimization services. Our team of experienced digital marketing professionals works closely with you and the developers to drive organic traffic and improve search rankings for your eStore. We help optimize your website by enforcing the best content and image guidelines, researching the most apt keywords, and meeting quality benchmarks to streamline elements like call-to-action, UI/UX, etc.

Support & Maintenance

To help you keep up with the transforming eCommerce industry and the latest technologies, we provide post-development support and maintenance in tandem with our eCommerce website development services. From regular software updates to website optimization, we are equipped to handle all your support and maintenance requirements with ease.

Custom eCommerce Development

At Aakriti Intelligence, we empower client businesses via a wide list of eCommerce web development services for multiple conspicuous, noticeable, outstanding, remarkable, salient, and striking platforms. From identifying the most well-suited and profitable platforms for your brand to frontend and backend development, design, implementation, and maintenance, our custom eCommerce website development company manages every requirement with ease.

Shopify Development Services

Realize your brand’s optimum potential with our Shopify eCommerce website development company. With dedicated developers, clean code, custom design, and complete platform-managed solutions, we help you utilize the wide-ranging features and capabilities Shopify offers while ensuring seamless store performance, personalized user experiences, and higher conversions.

OpenCart Development Services

Reach out to potential customers with our secure, fast, and reliable OpenCart eCommerce website design services. As a leading eCommerce development company in India, we provide a tailored cluster of OpenCart facilitators, including unique designs, intuitive user experiences, simplified user interfaces, relevant content, stunning graphics, and multiple wishlist integration.

WooCommerce Development Services

Hire the Aakriti Intelligence team to migrate to WooCommerce- the powerful WordPress plugin. Our developers are proficient in creating fully functional outstanding, wonderful, and better eCommerce websites, development, deployment, data management, and support. With an in-depth understanding of wooCommerce UI/UX, plug-ins, and extensions, we provide solutions that match your requirements.

Frontend Features of an eCommerce

Frontend features of an eCommerce website or app are the visible components and functionalities that users interact with directly. These features are essential for providing a seamless and engaging shopping experience.
Here's an explanation of some common frontend features:

User-friendly Interface:
An intuitive and visually appealing interface that makes it easy for users to navigate the website or app. It should have clear navigation menus, search bars, and call-to-action buttons for smooth interaction.

Responsive Design:
Ensuring that the website or app is optimized to work seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This ensures a consistent user experience regardless of the device being used.

Product Catalog:
A well-organized catalog displaying products in categories and subcategories, with clear images, titles, descriptions, and prices. Users should be able to browse through the catalog easily and filter products based on their preferences.

Product Search and Filtering:
A search bar and advanced filtering options allow users to find specific products quickly. Filters may include categories, brands, sizes, colors, prices, and other relevant attributes.

Product Pages:
Detailed product pages display comprehensive information about each item, including multiple high-quality images, descriptions, specifications, customer reviews, availability status, and related products.

Shopping Cart:
A virtual shopping cart that enables users to add products, view their selections, update quantities, remove items, and proceed to checkout seamlessly. It should provide a clear summary of the items in the cart and the total cost.

Checkout Process:
A streamlined checkout process with minimal steps, allows users to enter shipping and billing information, select shipping methods, apply discounts or promo codes, and review their order before making a payment.

User Accounts:
Optional user accounts allow registered users to save their preferences, track order history, manage addresses and payment methods, and receive personalized recommendations or promotions.

Payment Gateway Integration:
Secure integration with various payment gateways to facilitate smooth and secure transactions. Users should be able to choose from multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and cash on delivery.

Order Tracking:
A feature that allows users to track the status of their orders in real-time, from placement to delivery. Users should receive notifications and updates regarding their order status via email or SMS.

A wishlist functionality enabling users to save products they are interested in for future reference or purchase. Users can add or remove items from their wishlist and share it with others.

"Compare product" is a feature commonly found on eCommerce websites that allows users to view and analyze multiple products side by side. This feature is particularly useful when users are considering purchasing similar products and want to make an informed decision based on their specifications, features, pricing, and other relevant factors.

Social Media Integration:
Integration with social media platforms allows users to share products, reviews, and promotions with their social networks. It may also include social login options for quicker registration and checkout.

Customer Support:
Accessible customer support options, such as live chat, email support, or a help center, to assist users with inquiries, issues, or feedback during their shopping journey.

Ensuring that the website or app is accessible to users with disabilities by following web accessibility standards and providing features such as keyboard navigation, alt text for images, and screen reader compatibility.

Performance Optimization:
Optimizing the front-end for fast loading times, smooth transitions, and efficient use of resources to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience, even during peak traffic periods.

By incorporating these frontend features, eCommerce websites and apps can provide users with a user-friendly, secure, and enjoyable shopping experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Admin Features of an eCommerce

This is the main page where users, such as administrators or store owners, can view key metrics and insights about their eCommerce website at a glance. It typically includes summaries of sales, orders, revenue, website traffic, and other important data.

CMS Manager:
CMS stands for Content Management System. This feature allows administrators to manage and update the content of the website, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements. It enables easy editing and publishing of website content without requiring technical expertise.

Category Manager:
This tool allows administrators to create, edit, and organize product categories and subcategories. It helps in structuring the website's navigation and making it easier for users to browse and find products within specific categories.

Attribute Manager:
Attributes are characteristics or properties that describe products, such as size, color, material, etc. The Attribute Manager enables administrators to define and manage these attributes, which are used to provide detailed product information and facilitate product filtering and search.

Brand Manager:
Brands are a way to categorize and group products based on their manufacturers or suppliers. The Brand Manager allows administrators to create and manage brand profiles, assign products to specific brands, and display brand information on product pages.

Product Manager:
This tool enables administrators to add, edit, and manage product listings on the eCommerce website. It includes features for uploading product images, setting prices, managing inventory, writing descriptions, and defining product variants/options.

Sales Manager:
The Sales Manager provides insights and tools for managing sales activities and performance. It includes features for tracking orders, processing payments, generating invoices, managing discounts/promotions, and analyzing sales data.

RCR Manager:
RCR may stand for Return, Cancel, or Refund Manager. This feature allows administrators to handle customer returns, cancellations, and refunds efficiently. It includes workflows for processing return requests, issuing refunds, updating inventory, and tracking return shipments.

Email Marketing:
This feature provides tools for creating, sending, and managing email marketing campaigns. It allows administrators to send promotional emails, newsletters, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, and other types of email communication to customers.

Blog Manager:
A Blog Manager allows administrators to create and manage a blog section on the eCommerce website. It includes features for writing and publishing blog posts, organizing posts into categories, managing comments, and analyzing blog traffic.

FAQ Manager:
FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This feature enables administrators to create and manage a FAQ section on the website to address common customer queries. It helps in providing self-service support and reducing customer inquiries.

Banner Manager:
Banner Manager allows administrators to create and manage promotional banners and advertisements on the website. It includes features for designing banners, setting display rules, scheduling banner campaigns, and tracking banner performance.

Message Manager:
This feature provides tools for managing internal messages and notifications within the eCommerce platform. It allows administrators to communicate with staff members, manage customer inquiries, and coordinate tasks effectively.

Staff Manager:
The Staff Manager enables administrators to manage user accounts and permissions for staff members who have access to the eCommerce backend. It includes features for adding/removing users, assigning roles and permissions, and tracking staff activities.

Users refer to individuals who interact with the eCommerce website, including customers, staff members, and administrators. The Users feature allows administrators to manage user accounts, profiles, preferences, and permissions.

Extra Settings:
Extra Settings may encompass additional customization options and configurations that are not covered by other features. This could include settings related to website design, SEO optimization, payment gateways, shipping methods, tax settings, security options, and other miscellaneous settings. It provides flexibility for tailoring the eCommerce website according to specific business needs and preferences.

Why - AI is best Ecommerce Development Company

Aakriti Intelligence stands as the paramount choice for those seeking cutting-edge solutions in the realm of e-commerce app Development. As a custom shopping App Development Company, our commitment to innovation and excellence propels us to deliver unparalleled or matchable services. At Aakriti Intelligence, we use the latest or trending technologies to create special online experiences that work smoothly and look great giving your target audience a long-lasting memorable experience. We pay a lot of attention to making designs that are easy for people to use and include advanced features because we understand the importance of UI/UX. This helps boost your online presence and takes it to a whole new level. Aakriti Intelligence is not just a service provider we are architects of success, sculpting custom E-commerce solutions that resonate with individual business needs. Embrace the future of e-commerce with us, where every line of code is a masterpiece and every app is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. Welcome to a realm where your E-commerce aspirations meet the expertise of Aakriti Intelligence.

Unmatched Expertise:
One of the core reasons that makes Aakritiintelligence the best in the business is its unmatched expertise. Their group contains old pros who are knowledgeable in the intricacies of e-commerce app development. With long stretches of involvement and a profound comprehension of the most recent advancements, they have the information and capacities to make high-performing and imaginative e-commerce apps.

Tailored Arrangements:
Each business is novel, and a one-size-fits-all approach needs to be revised with regard to e-commerce apps. Aakritiintelligence excels in giving  Custom solutions according to your desire or brand, that cater to the specific needs of your business. Our developer team takes a short amount of time to understand your brand your vision or desire online shopping app, your target audience, and objectives,

Customer-focused design:
User experience (UX) is a major component in the success of any e-commerce app or online shopping app. Team Aakritiintelligence prioritizes user-centric design, creating apps that are smooth functional, or efficient as well as user-friendly and outwardly appealing. They understand that a seamless and intuitive user experience can essentially influence customer engagement and ultimately lead to higher sales.

Additional features or elements:
In the highly competitive world of E-commerce business, staying ahead is crucial. Aakriti Intelligence is dedicated to innovation, seamlessly integrating advanced features and functionalities also some extra elements into their developed apps. This commitment ensures that your e-commerce app isn't only modern but additionally offers a range of features that can set you separated from the competition.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:
With customers accessing e-commerce apps on different devices and platforms, cross-platform compatibility is urgent. Aakritiintelligence develops apps that work seamlessly on different operating systems and screen sizes or dimensions. This approach ensures that your app can reach a broader or different kind of audience, including both Android and iOS users, increasing your app's reach and effect.

Robust Security:
During a time of data breaches and protection concerns, customers expect their data to be handled securely. Aakritiintelligence places major areas of strength on security in e-commerce app development. They implement robust security measures to safeguard customer data and exchanges, protecting customer trust and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Speed and Performance:
A sluggish stacking app can be a significant mood killer for customers, leading to high bounce rates and lost sales. Aakritiintelligence optimizes its apps for speed and performance. This attention to performance ensures that your e-commerce app stacks rapidly processes exchanges without a hitch, and provides an exceptional user experience.

As your business develops, your e-commerce app ought to be able to accommodate increasing traffic and exchanges. Aakritiintelligence develops scalable e-commerce apps that can expand your business. This flexibility ensures that your application stays vigorous and responsive as your customer base develops.

Continuous Support and Maintenance:
E-commerce or shopping applications require continuous support and maintenance to stay functional and forward-thinking. Aakritiintelligence offers free comprehensive support services for 6months, ensuring that your app chugs along as expected, and any emerging issues are addressed immediately. Our support team is always here to help, feel free to contact us any time.

Analytics-driven insights:
Getting to know how your customers behave and what they prefer is key to growing your business. Aakritiintelligence integrates accurate analytics of every visiter event or session and provides you real-time data and insights into their e-commerce apps to help valuable data to grow your brand identity. These insights help you to make data-driven decisions to enhance marketing strategies, and also improve the customer experience, ultimately leading to increased sales or conversion.

Client Fulfillment:
Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why Aakritiintelligence is the best e-commerce app development Company is their consistently high client fulfillment rate. Our clients love the quality of our work, how quickly we respond, and our ability to bring their dreams to life. The testimonials and success stories really show how dedicated we are to making our clients happy here at Aakriti Intelligence.

In E-commerce, where a solid computerized presence is key to success, Aakritiintelligence stands as the best e-commerce app development Company. Their expertise, commitment to innovation, and dedication to giving tailored solutions set them separated. When you partner with Aakritiintelligence, you're not simply getting an e-commerce app; you're acquiring a competitive edge in the computerized marketplace.

Aakritiintelligence 's e-commerce app development Company empowers businesses to thrive in the computerized age. Their capacity to create high-performing, user-friendly, and innovative e-commerce apps ensures that you can reach your customers effectively, drive sales, and remain ahead of the competition.

Advantages of Ecommerce Development

Expertise and Experience:
Aakritiintelligence brags a team of experts with extensive experience in e-commerce app development. Their deep knowledge of the latest technologies, trends, and best practices ensures that the apps they create are cutting-edge and completely optimized for the advanced market.

The Power of Experience:
Experience matters in e-commerce app development. It equips Aakritiintelligence with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the online retail landscape. Their seasoned team can tackle complexities with ease, ultimately leading to the creation of apps that deliver outstanding performance.

Customization and Flexibility:
One of the major benefits of partnering with Aakritiintelligence  is the level of customization and flexibility they offer because Every business or brand is unique have different types or variety of products why we offer desirable customization  

Tailored Solutions:
Aakritiintelligence takes pride in fitting its solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Their developers work intimately with you to grasp your image, your interest group, and your targets. These outcomes in an app that impeccably lines up with your vision and takes special care of your clients' assumptions.

User-Centric Design:
The user experience (UX) is a basic factor in the success of any e-commerce app. Aakritiintelligence places areas of strength for on creating apps that are practical, yet in addition user-friendly and outwardly appealing.

Creating Seamless Journeys:
Their user-centric approach means that the app's design is intuitive, making it easy for customers to browse items, add them to the truck, and complete exchanges. An intuitive UX design can essentially reduce truck abandonment rates and increase sales.

Advanced Features and Functionality:
In the profoundly competitive e-commerce landscape, standing out from the group is essential. Aakritiintelligence is committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements, consolidating advanced features and functionality in its apps.

Embracing Innovation:
Their persistent drive for innovation means your app can have features like real-time talk support, item recommendations, and personalized shopping experiences. These features enhance user engagement as well as increase conversion rates.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:
With a worldwide customer base accessing e-commerce apps on different devices, cross-platform compatibility is critical. Aakritiintelligence develops apps that work seamlessly on different operating systems and screen sizes.

Broadening Your Reach:
Cross-platform compatibility ensures that you can reach a broader audience, including Android and iOS users. This approach can fundamentally increase your app's reach and effect.

Security and Data Assurance:
In the period of information breaks and assurance concerns, clients anticipate that their information should be taken care of safely. Aakritiintelligence comprehends the significance of safety in ecommerce app development.

Protecting Customer Trust:
They implement robust security measures to safeguard customer data and exchanges. Secure e-commerce apps protect customer trust as well as follow regulatory requirements, enhancing your reputation.

Speed and Performance:
Slow-stacking apps can frustrate customers and lead to high bounce rates. Aakritiintelligence prioritizes speed and performance in its app development process.

Advancing User Experience:
Their apps are optimized for performance, ensuring that pages load rapidly and exchanges are processed without a hitch. A quick app can essentially improve user experience and retention.

As your business develops, your app ought to be able to accommodate the increasing traffic and exchanges. Aakritiintelligence develops scalable e-commerce apps that can expand with your business.

Adapting to Growth:
Scalability ensures that your app can handle higher burdens without performance degradation. It's a fundamental aspect of long-haul success in the e-commerce industry.

Analytics and Insights:
Understanding customer behavior and preferences is essential for business growth. Aakritiintelligence integrates analytics and insights into their e-commerce apps to provide valuable data.

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