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Experience top-notch Chatbot Development Services at a very reasonable price also enjoy 6 months of maintenance. 

Train your chatbot with multiple resources:

Train with Offline or Online Documents:
We have a training user interface to single-click train your chatbot with online or offline pdf.

 Train with the Website URLs, sitemap.xml, robotx.txt:
Simply log in to your admin account go to Model Traning select training with website URLs paste the URL and train your chatbot.

Train with SQL & Excel:
Simply log in to your admin account go to Model Traning and export a sample Excel or SQL dataset file fill in an exported file or dataset then simply import that dataset and start model training.

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kee­ping customers happy is key to any successful business. Since­ most interactions happen online now, strate­gies to engage custome­rs well are super important.One­ great way to do this is using chatbots.

We guarantee that our company Aakriti Intelligence is the most Affordable &Innovative Chatbot Development company we can confidently state that owing to our highly skilled developer team which specializes in developing Brilliant Custom chatbots easy to integrate into multiple platforms like, your Websites, Apps, and Social media platforms, E-commerce Platforms, Customer Support Portals, or also for Voice Assistants.

Industries We Serve with our Chatbot Solutions

We provide our chatbot development services to different types of industries and Businesses, aakriti intelligence is good at helping many different industries, like:

1. Retail and E-commerce:
Improve customer shopping experiences with Order Tracking in real-time or inform customers about current promotions, discounts, and special deals

2. Healthcare:
Help patients by reminding their appointments and health-related questions which reduces dependency on a doctor 2. Healthcare: help patients by reminding their appointments and health-related all questions which reduce dependency on a doctor 

3. Finance:
Unlike human agents, it is 24/7 Availability for a user to provide support and assistance to a user at any time about Provide Personalized Financial Advice or Fraud Detection

4. Travel: 
Facilitate booking processes, provide travel recommendations also provide Destination Information to a user that is planning for their trip

5. Education:
Instantly solve the query of a student | a teacher is not available to a user it is easy to access a personalized chat boat 24/7\n\n5. Education: Instantly solve the query of a student | a teacher is not available to a user it is easy to access a personalize chat boat 24/7

6. Real Estate:
The chatbot can help with questions related to properties also it schedules property viewing times & dates, and provides virtual tours of properties. 

Major 3 Advantages of Chatbot Development Services 

1. 24/7 Availability:
Customer se­rvice is available all the time­ with chatbots. Chatbot development le­ts businesses give he­lp twenty-four hours a day. This constant availability makes customers happy. It also ke­eps them intere­sted and loyal to the company.

2. Personalized Interactions:
Get a custom-developed chatbot that adjusts to your customer ne­eds and behaviors. Using AI algorithms, it examine­s data to suggest suitable products or content. Additionally, it pe­rsonalizes promotions, improving experie­nces and strengthening brand bonds. Ge­t messages that match your buyers pe­rfectly through smart machine learning.

3. Efficient Communication:
Chatbots exce­l at streamlining communication. They provide fast, accurate­ responses to customer que­stions. Chatbots tackle common queries, re­solve issues, and guide purchase­s smoothly. This efficient communication boosts satisfaction. It create­s a seamless, engaging e­xperience for custome­rs too.

Helping both the buyer and seller by providing a virtual tour of properties through chatbots  

Get a custom-developed chatbot 

A custom developed Chatbot is a Chatbot that is specially designed or developed for a particular user’s individual or business also a custom chatbot serves as a virtual extension of its user or business entity, Simply put, custom chatbots fit right into how you already do things, making them super helpful. They can make everything smoother by helping customers, doing repetitive tasks automatically, and giving personalized suggestions. These special chatbots are made to handle whatever comes their way, meeting the unique needs and goals of their users.

Train Your Chatbot According to Your Business 

At Aakriti Intelligence, we provide Custom chatbot development services that a user can train according to their industry or business niche, which can revolutionize customer interaction | Brand Personality | Customer Retention Rate. 

How to Train Your Chatbot 

First method:- 
At aakriti intelligence, Our developer team makes it easy that easy to train your chatbot like chatting with your friend, a user needs to define their objectives and purpose first, and then our advanced chatbot auratic collects valuable insides about your business after gathering relevant data it will ask you question-related to your industry or business which is know as foundation training. 

Second method:- 
 Our second or simplest method is to provide your website URL after summing your website then our advanced chatbot will do the real work gather relevant data, and let our platform do the rest. Within a few minutes, our chatbot will crawl all of your web pages in website after that will ask you simple questions related to your business and your target audience also note that By regularly testing and making it better, your chatbot will quickly become good at giving the right answers and helping your customers.

Ai chatbot development services

Nowadays Ai become a trend, and lots of companies are utilizing AI chatbots because they're really very powerful also  These AI chatbots have enormous amounts of data that can solve users' or customers' questions within seconds no matter in which industry, giving them quick answers and even remembering their preferences. They're like super-smart helpers that make things easier for businesses and their customers. With new technology making them even better, more and more businesses are jumping on board with this trend. It's becoming a big deal because AI chatbots are making life simpler for everyone involved, and they're here to stay!

Advantages of AI chatbot 

1. Enormous amounts of data
2. Error-free
3. More Productive
4. Faster Decision-Making

6 months of Free maintenance for your chatbot development services
Aakriti Intelligence provides six months of free maintenance after the delivery of your chatbot. Our developer team will handle all the technical stuff also ensuring your chatbot runs smoothly and efficiently. 


In conclusion, as of 2024, Chatbot development services have become a trending necessity for enhancing customer interactions. Chatbots offer continuous assistance, personalized conversations, and valuable customer insights. They serve as invaluable tools for businesses aiming to improve their customer engagement strategies. With advancing technology, chatbots are poised to significantly influence how customers engage with businesses in the coming years.