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Stay Ahead of the Competition with Custom Real Estate App Development Services Today, it can give you a huge advantage to have a real estate app that was specially made for your business in the digital world. At Aakriti Intelligence a custom real estate application and software development company is there for you to offer excellent services of making individual custom real estate applications suitable for the particular needs of each client. We have the knowledge and creativity needed not only to keep up with but also outdo others in this industry hence will guarantee you outstanding outcomes concerning competition within the ever-changing field of properties.

  1. Advanced Admin Panel
  2. Advanced User Dashboard
  3. Dynamic Website or App
  4. Responsive UI/UX
  5. AI integrated Chatbot 
  6. End-to-end data encryption

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Custom Features that Aakriti Intelligence Has to Offer You

Property Search and Listings:
In order to enable people to look for properties that fit their needs, our custom-made apps offer an easy platform where they can do so. These applications come with different features such as advanced filters, interactive maps, high-quality photos, virtual tours, and detailed descriptions of the houses on sale (cost range, location details, social amenities among others). This makes it possible for potential buyers to find their dream homes or even investment houses very easily.

User-Friendly Interface:
We give priority to the satisfaction of our customers and therefore during app development, we make sure that our systems have a simple interface which is easy to navigate both for clients as well as agents. This is achieved by creating personalized profiles, saving favorite listings, and scheduling property viewing among other things thus enhancing interaction between various parties involved in real estate transactions through the use of these apps.

Mortgage Calculators & Financial Tools:
Our custom apps come with mortgage calculators that enable buyers to know what their monthly repayments would look like before they can decide on any investment or purchase plan. Additionally, the application also has loan affordability calculators that are also integrated so as for potential property owners to estimate how much money lending institutions may give them depending on different rates of interest alongside other terms related to loans.

Virtual Reality (VR) Tours:
Our company has the ability to incorporate VR tours in applications and it allows us to see properties remotely from any location saving time for the customers and at the same being engaging.

Communication & Notification Systems:
At each stage of a real estate transaction, effective communication is very important; therefore, we have very strong communication channel in our applications that enable instant notifications of new listings updates discussions on offers, etc ensuring smooth all involved stakeholders' interactions

Analytics Dashboard:
One can gain valuable insights by using the data analytics dashboard integrated in the application which allows one to track performance trends, lead conversions, etc supporting educated strategic decision-making and further enhancing the competitive edge.

Security Features:
We understand the importance of personal data security thus; we have put stringent measures to safeguard sensitive information, prevent unauthorized access and maintain absolute confidentiality.

Ai Chatbot Feature We provide a sophisticated chatbot feature specifically made for real estate agents. This AI-driven chatbot is capable of interacting with potential home buyers or tenants around the clock; it answers common questions, schedules property viewing appointments, and gives useful details about listings.

Localized Market Expertise:
Offer localized market expertise or valuable insights for different regions and neighborhoods, providing users or customers with valuable insider knowledge and local recommendations that give your app a competitive edge or USP in the real estate market in serving diverse markets and catering to specific user needs.

Instant Property Alerts:
Provide instant property alerts and notifications based on user or your Clint preferences or budget and saved searches, ensuring that users are notified immediately when new listings matching their criteria become available, offering a proactive and responsive service that keeps users engaged and informed.

Why Choose Us for your Real Estate Application Development?

Expertise in the Real Estate Industry:
We have a lot of experience in real estate at Aakriti Intelligence. When it comes to buying, selling, or renting property, we know what’s up. This means that we can create personalized solutions that will work for you by dealing with the problems and improving efficiencies in your business.

Customized Solutions:
No one solution fits all. Each real estate enterprise has its own way of doing things which is why we take an individualised approach towards application development. Our team can make an app specifically for your needs whether you are a firm looking for full-featured facilities for managing properties or just an agent who wants to communicate better with clients through their phone.

Technological Innovation:
Specifically in relation to their effect on deals being made between buyers sellers and agents virtual reality property tours 360-degree images messaging systems etc., we remain current with all technological trends at Aakriti Intelligence. What sets us apart is not only that our programs have intuitive interfaces but also that they contain modern features.

User-Centric Design:
According to our team, we should create interfaces that are user-friendly with easy navigation and intuitive usage of system controls. So, the apps that we make consider the end users (that is your clients or potential customers) and also the back office staff in real estate firms

Ongoing Support & Maintenance:
Technology changes with time thus our products must change too. This means that our dedicated team will always be available for any assistance required such as rectifying errors among others even long after deployment

Security & Data Protection Compliance:
Real estates deal with very sensitive personal data including financial records of clients as well their home addresses etc.. Therefore under strict adherence to security protocols like encryption methodology plus conformity standards about safeguarding information from unauthorized access by hackers. Aakriti intelligence here takes every necessary step aimed at ensuring cyber safety is upheld at all costs

Our Custom Real Estate App Development Process

Understanding Your Needs:
Starting off, we try to comprehend your definite requirements as well as targets. If you're a real estate company that wants to make the property search more seamless or an agent who wishes to improve communication with clients on an individual level; our development process will be shaped according to what you need.

Design and User Experience:
We have a team of skilled designers with loads of experience who are dedicated to creating user interfaces that are not only intuitive but also provide an exceptional experience for the end users. Whether it's about property listings coupled up with virtual tours, interactive maps, or even mortgage calculators; every part of the application should serve usability and engagement equally well.

Technology Integration:
Making use of advanced technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), geolocation services plus secure payment gateways among others, we are able to develop apps which have many features and are therefore able to meet various needs of today's technology savvy consumers directly through their mobile devices.

Backend Development:
Being the backbone of a successful real estate app, it should have a strong backend infrastructure. We devise scalable systems for data management such as updating property information and handling customer inquiries while ensuring that security measures are always taken into consideration at all times,

Testing & Quality Assurance:
After a thorough development process; each application is subjected to intense scrutiny through testing various scenarios until a bug-free ready solution is provided for deployment in production environment

Deployment & Support:
Everything is taken care of right from deploying your custom-made app across different platforms including iOS/Android/Web applications to post-launch support which ensures smooth operation over time with necessary enhancements being made where necessary.

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Question & Answer.

We provide ongoing technical support after the launch of a website. The myriad needs in question include fixing bugs that might escalate immediately after going live, updating the system to accommodate changes in laws or technologies, and guiding the client on how best they can maintain and optimize their asset among other things so as to make sure that everything runs smoothly with maximum productivity even when it’s 100% functional.

Any program created by us must always ensure the safety of the client’s important information particularly if it is for use within the real estate sector; Our security measures are strict and they include but are not limited to encryption protocols, data protection standards compliant with regulations like GDPR/CCPA etc., regular security audits & updates together with secure user authentication methods all aimed at providing complete defense against any breach.

Yeah! Our team has a good experience when it comes to incorporating Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data into our unique apps thus making sure that the users can directly get current property listings through the app.

The process of making a mobile app for real estate can take different amounts of time depending on such variables like feature complexity; design needs; integration with systems of third parties e.g., MLS databases; among other things, duration testing phases. However broadly speaking, this could range anywhere from three months up to six months taking into consideration various parameters involved.

A customized real estate app offers lots of advantages including better customer participation; efficient property search and listing processes streamlining; improved communication between agent-client pairs; access to valuable analytics as well as insights; and differentiation of brands within competing markets while at the same time increasing operational effectiveness.